Posted: Feb 07, 2019 6:52 am
by Hermit
A forum as a lifeboat? In a very much metaphorical sense, I suppose, it's conceivable. If so, Ratskep is not my lifeboat, though. I jumped from RDF a year before this forum got started. The telltale sign that RDF was about to sink was the chopping off of that forum's 'Feral Offtopic' section. Dawkins must have finally realised that if he were ever to get a knighthood he couldn't be seen to be the patron of a website that allowed discussions of topics such as what semen tastes like.

It was at that point that Pappa and Charlou got together and started Rationalia as its replacement. I found out early about it because I lived with Charlou at the time. I joined on the first day.

Ratskep disappointed me somewhat. Not that this should have surprised me. The fact that its rules were a copypasta job of the entire RDF rules was a broad enough hint that its founder, and presumably the members of RDF who had stuck it out over there to the bitter end had no objection at all to the puritan, buttoned up set up of the moribund forum, nor how the prefects with swagger sticks had run it. After about 400 desultory posts I gave up and left it for a few years. The rules have not changed a lot, but nobody seems to care about enforcing them to the letter, at least not continuously. Things seem a little more relaxed because of it, so here I am again.