Posted: Oct 08, 2019 12:28 am
by theropod_V_2.0

It's me, theropod. My iPhone 6 plus died almost a month ago, and no matter what I did the insurance replacement would not log me in. I copied the password exactly as was used by my Mac Mini, which logged on without hesitation. After three tries the board software threw up a challenge screen no phone software I know of will accept. Michael and Jesse and I have been at this for weeks, and nothing seems to work. Today, using my Mac Mini for the first time in weeks, the board software informed me that my account is now locked. So, I created this sock account. Y'all can ban my old ass, fix my account or live with this.

Is it just me, or is this a fatal flaw in the obviously outdated board software? Before you get all defensive let me tell you a few things.

New Phone:
I restored from a backup from a week~ before the old phone died via iTunes, and checked for the most up to date iOS version available. I then backed up the new phone to iTunes, and launched Chrome for iOS with no browsing history, cookies, saved passwords or previous interactions. Google demanded I log on to my account, and my hard copy passwords all worked perfectly. Even though I am 100% sure I entered the absolute correct password the board software rejected all attempts. I've deleted cookies and history and tried several times to log in. No joy. That just left me having to go through several two method verifications in order to log on other sites. Michael reset everything multiple times. Nothing has worked. So, I am left with this choice. I either create a sock, and own it, or I leave you fine fools to your own devices. I choose to be a rebel, and openly slap my sweaty sock self on the wall. Let's see if I stick, eh? One might be able to tell I really don't give a flying fuck which way this works out. I don't feel like I did anything wrong, and now my account is locked.

Oh, and that screen informing you of being locked out of your account says to contact the admin. Trouble is I could find no means by which one might do so. Clicking on any of the links results in "You must be logged in to do this". Nice catch 22 there. Well played. That way nobody bothers the admin!

Come on people. There are some great coders here. Volunteer to fix this stuff. Michael, convince LIFE to let them. Shit is screwed up and hasn't been updated to deal with phones. The utter fail of the "drag non planets" challenge screen for all known mobil operating systems is ample evidence of that.

How long has it been since the server software was upgraded? Do we need to crowd source this upgrade here? Seriously!

If there any doubts as to whether it's really me I can only say this. The earth isn't expanding, JJ is wronger now than he has ever been and I worry about Hack, Tony.