Posted: Feb 20, 2020 11:20 pm
by theropod_V_2.0
Yep, Fal, the old ticker has been tested over the last 8 months. No doubt about that. Aside from the hurt locker shit I’m good. When I had my infarction I weighed 183.5 pounds, and this morning I am at 154.5. That’s a half pound lighter than the day I graduated high school, May 3, 1971. I have also been walking a lot, and am going to be hard as a rock come spring time.

Oh, for the comedy side of life. Our second morning back, about 4 am, I got up to piss. I had not cleaned and rinsed our water holding tank, so the head was non functional. I was headed to the porch to do the deed, and had got up a good head of steam, when I slammed into the back/top of our antique oak rocker. This broke a rib on my lower left abdomen. I have broken several ribs over the years, but never one of those “floating” bastards. So, putting our off grid systems back into service has been a study in pain tolerance. Oh, and my cardio Dr told me 800 mgs of ibuprofen would be OK for pain relief. Took 400 mgs and my stool was full of blood the next day, so I’m just dealing with it. Maybe I can not fuck myself up further for a few days.