Posted: Feb 21, 2020 12:39 am
by jamest
theropod_V_2.0 wrote:JamesT,

So true. Nope, his wife isn’t a royal bitch by any means. He is just so full of himself that he actually thinks he “made it” in life all on his own. He ignored my observation that “We the People” paid his entire salary for all his service time and his retirement. When I suggested that a simple twist of fate could have ended up with him destitute and homeless he called me a communist asshole that didn’t know a fucking thing about life, the universe or anything.

Well, it will take me some time to get past this, but my life is just too full to let his childish idiocy bring me down. I have a wife that thinks I’m the shit, crazy woman, and some friends I trust with my life. My son only wanted me around to boost his ego. That sad fact is evident.


I feel for you, really. I mean, I have a young daughter so I know how I'd feel if she said something similar to me. I mean, as parents we do our best to support our kids no matter what they think or do. It's our 'job'. My daughter is a teenager now so I often wonder how I'd react if she did this or that, etc.. The bottom-line is that I'd try and support her no matter what. Certainly, that extends to her political beliefs as she becomes an adult!!!!!!! In other words, I wouldn't tell her to fuck off for supporting ideals opposed to my own.

I love my brother, but a couple of years back he walked out of a restaurant we were eating in after a silly heated exchange and I haven't heard from him since. I still love him and have tried to reach out to him, to no avail. If he ever needs me, I'll be here. The bottom-line is that you have to accept that love is not always equally reciprocal. In my case and yours, neither of us can do anything about it, for neither of us are willing to lie about how we feel (politically etc.) in order to receive their 'love'.

Don't worry about it so much. Maybe he'll grow up one day. The point about love is that it should be unconditional, otherwise, it's worthless. In the not so distant future maybe he'll realise what a twat he's been. Hang in there.