Posted: Nov 15, 2020 6:45 am
by Deist513
Hello so as my name says I am an agnostic deist. I was a devout christian before certain events in my life lead me to conclude all religion was a manmade falsehood. I actually still believe this, but somewhat lean towards the idea there may be a God and afterlife we do not understand hence my rather recent position of deism. I still admire many atheist thinkers to this day as I view religion to be a falsehood. I think that if there is a God he largely is unconcerned with hummanity, and religous preconceptions of his meddling in human affairs to be largely without basis in reality. My first post was actually about pursuing a career in biological research which I do not know if that willl be possible I hope to make a reality someday. Thank you so much for reading.