Posted: Nov 15, 2020 12:41 pm
by Cito di Pense
Deist513 wrote:Hello so as my name says I am an agnostic deist. I was a devout christian before certain events in my life lead me to conclude all religion was a manmade falsehood. I actually still believe this, but somewhat lean towards the idea there may be a God and afterlife we do not understand hence my rather recent position of deism. I still admire many atheist thinkers to this day as I view religion to be a falsehood. I think that if there is a God he largely is unconcerned with hummanity, and religous preconceptions of his meddling in human affairs to be largely without basis in reality. My first post was actually about pursuing a career in biological research which I do not know if that willl be possible I hope to make a reality someday. Thank you so much for reading.

You're still evidently stuck with the vocabulary you learned as a theist. You might as well still be a theist for all I care. Most notably, you're still practicing theology. You only received the notion of a deity from theists, so you have to do better than "leaning towards" this stuff in accounting for why you use the vocabulary of theism at all. Some members here will coddle your soft-headed pronouncements (entities "we don't understand") in hopes you won't go back to being a confirmed theist. Better luck conversing with them.