Posted: Nov 16, 2020 1:56 am
by Deist513
Actually I really did not come on here to debate the existence of a deistic god. I lean that way very tentaviley only recently, and I do not particuraly care either way. Suffice it to say I am quite happy the theisitc gods of say the abrahamic religions are almsot certainly false as I view them as great evil beings if they were true.

I actually came on here to get advice on pursuing a career in science, but to that thread no one has as of yet responded too.

I am really not interested in debating my deistic position. I only chose to include it as a position of honesty. I came on here far more out of curiosity for science than actually debating any type of god/afterlife.

It is far more likely I will go back to being an agnostic atheist than a theist as I view the concept of a personal god to be all but thouroughly debunked. I could for instance never return to the abrahamic religions knowing what I know now, but living in ignorance of it when I was a Christian.

Thank you all for your responses.