Posted: May 01, 2021 12:08 pm
by Agrippina
OMG I see I still have a pretty high post count. Although I don't chatter so much anymore. Keeping a low profile between the politics and police brutality in the US, and the horror that is she who must not be named in the UK, a virus that won't go away, too many things to fight about but now my fighting days are over.

Thank you both of you for the warm welcome. I don't remember when I last posted here, possibly when we were arranging the wonderful trip to the mountains where I finally got to meet Dries in the flesh and other Ratskeppers who shared what I think is possibly my last road trip holiday. Was that 2018? I think that was it, a good few years.

In the meantime we moved back to the city to take over the care of my autistic son who lost his home when his dad died and that's a long story. We've been back for a little less than three years. I'm happy having the grandkids near, and when the covid fear is over, I have to see more of them because they're a better cure for depression than the drugs that make me forgetful and sleepy.

I'm sure I don't need to talk about covid fatigue, and the loneliness of lockdown. At least I have an argumentative autistic middle-aged man living in the garden cottage to keep me on my feet, and who picks me up when I trip over them, smashing up my face into the bricks. Old age isn't fun - but the alternative is worse they tell me. I'm back dipping my toes in - it is nice to be welcomed back, and I have to admit I've missed this place.