Posted: May 02, 2021 6:18 am
by Agrippina
Rachel Bronwyn wrote:Missed having you around. I miss having women contributing here at all. :lol:

Thank you Rachel. It was already pretty male-dominated when I went away. I'll give it my best shot, but be aware I'll fall apart if I get into too-heated an argument but I'm here with a mother, and grandmother's point of view. OMG those grandkids. I now have four of them, and another that doesn't belong to me but who calls me granny even though his mother is only my daughter-in-law's sister. His father died leaving her homeless and broke. She moved in with her mother, with the boy, so I think of him as one of mine. The youngest of the others is two and a bit, and perfectly wonderful. She adores "Gwampa" - he makes her laugh while the older children practice archery, and she isn't fussy about food - I can feed this one, she'll at least try whatever food is given to her. I think there's a little bias because she looks like me. The others are approaching high school age now, 'tweenagers I think they call them. So talented. The eldest boy is so clever, it's like having a conversation with an adult, and he has beautiful manners. His brother is determined to be a palaeontologist (I really must learn how to spell that word). He is obsessed with dinosaurs, knows all the names and can talk for hours on the subject. Hmmm! I wonder where he gets that? Both the boys are also gifted artists, the dinosaur aficionado can draw any dinosaur off the cuff in great detail (he's about to turn 8) and I suspect he's autistic too. The older granddaughter is lovely. She's sweet, but strong-willed and simply won't do anything she doesn't want to do. She's an athlete of note, very competitive, and on her report it says that her general knowledge is "outstanding". My babies, not so much babies anymore, but they are my medicine for when I'm down. Love them to bits.