Posted: May 02, 2021 6:39 am
by Agrippina
Just reading through my "your posts" threads, I see we've lost a few people while I've been away. My condolences to the people who loved them, too many names to mention individually, and I'm not able to say more than I'm sorry for their loss but such is life. I've had a few people I've known slip away in the past three years. Sadly we have to make space for the new life that's taking over our world. We've run our course, contributed where we can, hurt a few people (sometimes more than a few) but we are mere flawed humans and sometimes don't really mean to hurt when we do. All I can say with my experience of more than 70 years around the sun is that we have to be pragmatic and accept that we won't come out of this alive, so if we have any honour and decency, we do the best we can, accepting that we also won't love everyone we meet, especially when we look at the people we do love and wonder why they have positive feelings for the people we don't "get" or like. So to all of you who've lost friends while I've been gone, I am truly sorry for your loss. Death is hard to accept when it comes into your life. You do eventually recover, and go on without the loved one. They may be gone from the world but they'll live with you in your "heart" for as long as you live.. Then you'll live on in the lives of the people you leave behind but eventually you're merely a name on a family tree, as I've sadly found out when I've tried to show my mother to my grandkids in videos and photos, she's really just a name to them, to me, she's "mom" especially when I hear myself saying the things she used to say.