Posted: May 02, 2021 6:49 am
by Rachel Bronwyn
One nephew turned 4 a week ago. The other will be 2 in early July. I haven't seen Mr. 4 in over a year and it's killing me but he still talks about me to his parents and grandparents. It makes me excited for once I've got my vaccine and I can hug and kiss him. Mr. Almost 2 is dramatic and challenging and does not like change so visiting him when he was at my mother's house was a disaster. When he saw me he melted down so hard he couldn't even eat his snack. Their parents are forgoing all disease transmission reduction measures so my mom and stepdad have cut all physical contact until they've both got their second doses of the vaccine.

I have now acquired a GIGANTIC plush stegosaurus for the 4yo's birthday. I hope to be fully vaccinated and able to give it to him in person in the next couple weeks. All my peers are getting vaccinated and I'm opting for the Astrazeneca jab. Just waiting for that text....