Posted: May 02, 2021 2:43 pm
by Agrippina
Animavore wrote:
Agrippina wrote:
Animavore wrote:Hi, Aggi. That trip to South Africa is still on my mind.

Wasn't it lovely? I really enjoyed meeting you and the campfire evenings, the outings to the mountains and tourist spots. It was odd that having lived so close, I'd never been there before. That last night's dinner, watching you enjoying how inexpensive your money made it, was pleasing to watch. I hope you enjoyed the game park. I'm sure it was impressive getting up close to the wildlife. Adco is a wonderful host. He and Charmaine always make you feel completely comfortable just being yourself, and having fun. We once spent a week with them at the coast, which was also unforgettable. Lots of lovely memories of that trip with them too.

I felt like a rich man over there. :P

That said, your economy was in free fall at the time due to some scandal with an economic minister, which I presume that blew over after a cabinet reshuffle because I never really heard about it again, which meant I was richer by the end of the week than I was at the beginning.

That's fantastic. Yes, I don't really follow it because we are relatively poor compared with other sort-of developed countries. Too many thieves having access to too much money is part of the problem. I feel sorry for Cyril having to deal with the dishonesty, an then being blamed for it. Still we're getting there with covid and will soon be reopening the travel industry which should bring in some badly-needed foreign money.