Posted: May 03, 2021 6:19 am
by Agrippina
I have to say this, and maybe it's just me and my depression problem, and the fact that my husband has survived his type II diabetes diagnosis for almost 30 years. Now he's approaching 80, and every year there's a reason for him to go to hospital. This year it was a polyp on the urethra that the urologist wanted to make sure wasn't a problem, which thank science it wasn't. However, with covid, and having to have two tests before he was admitted because the first one was a false positive, which of course scared the hell out of all of us. A positive result would most likely kill him because of his age and the diabetes, it was a terrifying 24-hours of him being away.

This is probably what has been the cause of my dread of what lies ahead, with his advancing age, and now a little infirm, with the issues that go with old age, I encourage him to play bowls just to keep him a little more fit than he would be if he just sat in his chair watching tv, like he did in the first months when we were in total lockdown. I know I obsess a little more than I should but watching Philip's funeral had me in tears, not because of the man himself, but because I can feel the pain his wife was experiencing, and can only imagine how hard it is for her to live alone in that big castle with only her dogs and a few servants for company, I need to connect with people who make me smile, and who share my worldview. So thank you. The welcome back means so much to me. Now I'm off to wake him up - we have our own bedrooms now so both of us get a proper sleep without disturbing the other - and our weekly grocery shop. A job I quite enjoy in a world where there's so little available to us that isn't a risk to his health.