Posted: May 05, 2021 6:03 am
by Agrippina
The_Piper wrote:Hey wait a minute, there's an extra e in the title. Did you make fun of your own accent? :excited: :dopey:

LOL. My keyboard has a mind of it's own. It does funny stuff like put in extra letters where it shouldn't and if it doesn't self-coorrect, it means the computer is right, and I'm wrong to correct it. Look at this sentence, o and r are having a row this morning,,so the comma decided to join the fight. Idiot computer. I'm getting my computer nerd son visiting me on Saturday. I'll ask him to give the computer a talking-to, to make it stop doing that. :crazy: :lol: I'll fix it. If I can remember how? Or maybe a moderator should do it, because I really can't remember how. :coffee: