Posted: May 25, 2022 12:51 pm
by Chief Engineer
To Members

I am a retired mechanical engineer who migrated from a Methodist youth to an Atheistic adulthood. I feel my first skeptical feelings were when I was taught, by a very good Earth Science Teacher, (Mr. Robertson) that the earth was billions of years old, and he showed us some of the typical tools used to prove this fact.

I have debated/discussed a lot of the topics I see on this forum, can't say I have a new perspective to add, but I keep looking for that kernel of an idea that can be used to bring more people out of their superstition based decision making.

My hobbies are restoration of old Honda motorcycles and tinkering with old stereo equipment. Background time wasting is accomplished in my yard and garden.

For those of you not retired yet, you have my sympathy. Please know it is worth working for, keep at it.