Posted: Nov 14, 2012 9:35 pm
by Ironclad
The world is swamped with bastards & bogged down with bullshit, so I thought it was about time we put on the rose-tinted sunglasses & scanned the sky for something nice in the news, for a change.
I'll try and update this thread, daily but feel free to add something yourselves.

Global news reports please, not kittunz or goggiez.

Armstrong The Good Giraffe. (BBC News.

A man who dresses up as a giraffe and carries out random acts of kindness towards people across Scotland has said he does it to feel good.

Twice a week Armstrong Baillie, 32, dons a furry suit his mother made him, before travelling to different places to do good deeds.

He calls himself The Good Giraffe and lives in Dundee with his girlfriend and her daughter.

Unemployed, Mr Baillie, said he busks using his kazoo and djembe drum then uses the donations to pay for the kind deeds.
He hitch-hikes to reach his destinations - but is only being able to be picked up by convertibles due to his long-necked suit.

He said: "It makes me happy when I see the difference in people when they see me in the suit. It makes them happy and it makes me feel cheery.

And there ya go. :smile: