Posted: Nov 23, 2012 8:26 pm
by Aern Rakesh
Oh, get the tissues out for this one. This is Eldad Hagar, a true dog whisperer, who with his wife Audrey rescues dogs off the streets. They take them home, clean them up, raise money for their vet bills and then find good homes for them.

This is the story of Fiona's rescue.


In October of this year Fiona was named ASPCA dog of the year. Eldad and Audrey went to NYC to see her get her award. Here is a picture of Fiona in her limo: ... otostream/

Eldad Hagar wrote:Two years ago we picked Fiona up with our Toyota, and yesterday she returned a favor and picked us up with her limousine.

All the dogs we rescue end up living better than we do :-)

ETA: Oops. I didn't see this:
Ironclad wrote:Global news reports please, not kittunz or goggiez.

Sorry Ironclad! :oops: