Posted: Mar 10, 2013 8:05 pm
by Oeditor
As Dawkins says, though, it's a pity he didn't stay walked out.
After Lawrence walked out, the organizers, perhaps worried about adverse publicity, ran after him and persuaded him to come back, agreeing to let the three young men return to their seats in the “women’s section”. Unfortunately in my opinion, Lawrence agreed to return. It was a decent gesture on his part, but I can’t help wishing he had refused and generated maximum publicity for this disgraceful episode. I suspect that he too now regrets his bending over backwards to be polite, and to return. I also regret that more people didn’t move along with the three men, and it’s a bit of a shame that no women, in the spirit of Rosa Parks, moved to the men’s section.
Still, I'm sure the UCL authorities will be hauling the pineapples culprits over the coals on Monday. Not.
However, there's a more disturbing conclusion to be drawn: either there were no non-Muslims there, or that those who were present complied with the segregation.
I was going to link to the Dawkins article but on checking I saw this:
New information via Chris Moos of the LSE Atheist Secularist and Humanist Society. What he describes is shocking. There were segregated queues; there were five security guards provided by the organizers, who tried to physically remove audience members who refused to comply with gender segregation.

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Looks as though Ophelia Benson might be a better source of further detail. Anyway, it suggests that the organisers, whoever they were, were allowed to import their own heavies to enforce segregation. Definitely pineapples.