Posted: Apr 22, 2013 9:02 am
by Aca
edit: i think this post might be a bit out of place. :mrgreen: sorry about that :)

Years ago, i was with a group of friends for a weekend break in a holiday place in Gozo, Malta's sister island. we were a rather mixed group in every respect. There were several gay people, one muslim, most of them single, with exception of my better half and me. The only connecting thing was that we were all friends for several years and have been going out partying together for as long.

One of the people that was with us was the most religious (and most educated with a PHD, at that point, from all of us) girl, that in every respect epitomised good in people. She was doing charity work all the time, she was extremely nice and polite with everyone...really real deal good person.

As the night, and quantity of alcohol consumed, progressed, the conversations become more of a slightly pissed philosophical/political musing between us. The topic turned to religion and somehow it slowly turned into a debate between her and me, with the rest just listening and maybe just occasionally interfiling.

To cut the long story short, after an hour of back and fourth, i asked her if she could ever consider a guy like me as a potential life partner? I asked her to find me one characteristic of mine which she finds unacceptable. She found none. I asked her if there is anything i do or did that would make her concerned or that she would have done differently? She said no, and admitted that in many ways, she would gladly settle down eventually with a guy like me. Which was great compliment, just that she said that she would never actually do it.

Reason? Because i was not catholic and she could never bring her self up to be with someone who was not catholic too. Obvious implication was that non-catholics were, well, lower creed and not equally worthy. Needles to say, the room we were sitting in went silent. My jaw was on the floor. Those few seconds of awkward silence were broken down by my better half who re-directed the topic in another direction (or just asked if anyone wants another drink :D).

And there it was, at least for me, the revelation. I knew she was religious and "true" believer, i did not mind that, nor did anybody in the room care about lifestyle, sexuality or religion or lack thereof of anybody else. We all appreciated each other and enjoyed the company and shared thoughts, fun, and laughter. And yet, at least in her opinion, our gay friends, our muslim friend and obviously me are going to hell and she is not, we are the sinners and she was not, she had the right creed, we did not. If there was not for her religion, she would have never ever thought that (at least i have no reason to believe she would).

Religion poisons everything and sadly, sometimes even the beautiful minds of really, really good people.