Posted: Jul 29, 2014 9:26 pm
by Calilasseia
Scarlett wrote:
DarthHelmet86 wrote:Most of the religious people I know wouldn't call themselves committed Christians. Seems to me adding the committed in front is a code word for fundamentalist now a days. Of course that might be because I just don't hear about the committed Christians who don't do or say horrible shit.

I'm not so sure. In the UK I reckon 'committed Christian' would just mean anyone who goes to church every week and isn't embarrassed about their wibble :dunno:

They're so few and far between now.

Unfortunately, whenever we see people declaring themselves to be "committed Christians", this invariably translates as "my magic man only likes rich white straight people, and I'm really happy about this".

Meanwhile, there's a phrase, first used in anger way back in 1949, which sums up neatly the xenophobia endemic to many Tory heartlands, and describes the position of many living therein - "wogs begin at Calais". Though my memory may be imperfect with respect to this, I seem to recall none other than Princess Michael of Kent getting into some hot water reviving this phrase in the 1980s, but that's a tangential diversion I'll try and resolve at some other time. Meanwhile, the rise of Farage and UKIP, the subsequent attempts by the Tory Party to pander to the requisite xenophobia, to try and stem the possible haemorrhaging of votes in 2015, and the remarks covered above in the OP, all point inexorably to that phrase being a shamefully accurate description of the mindset to be found in Greater Toryshire.

Meanwhile, no one who has watched the pernicious development of Republican JesusTM in the USA, along with dangerous theocratic fantasies tied to Dominionism, should be in the least surprised to see assorted right-wing fantasists importing the same venomous ideological cocktail here. A cocktail which has, with disturbing success over in the USA, married a rampantly plutocratic vision of the future to fundamentalist religion, in a manner that should be giving both Pope Francis and the leaders of the Anglican Communion some serious headaches.