Posted: Jan 05, 2015 7:42 pm
by ED209
The campaigns to form the government tasked with clearing up the torydems' mess have been launched. So with just 122 sleeps to go, we need a thread on the subject.

General election campaign 2015 kicks off – as it happened

After revealing a widely-ridiculed poster depicting a UK on the road to wiemar with the cracks airbrushed away that once more underlined their inability to either tell the truth or perform basic arithmetic, the blue tories continued with a meticulously choreographed synchronised swim in a gigantic pool filled with pure bullshit (demonstrating that the yellow tories have had an influence after all):

George Osborne’s dossier on Labour election pledges is distinctly dodgy

It takes a lot of nerve to accuse your opponents of profligacy when the country is in the red by more than £90bn and you have missed your deficit reduction targets by a country mile.

That, though, was George Osborne’s strategy as he kicked off the Conservative party’s 2015 election campaign with a claim that Labour’s spending pledges of £23bn made it unfit for office. The choice for the electorate in May was between competence and chaos, the chancellor said.

Despite being given the appearance and feel of the Treasury’s budget red book, Osborne’s 82-page dossier was in truth a bit dodgy. It was greeted with undisguised scepticism by the media, who quickly damned it as flawed... ... ctly-dodgy

Staggeringly mendacious behaviour from the party which has increased the national debt by more in just five years than the opposition has in history. What a bunch of cunts.

Meanwhile, labour's campaign aims to reach out to the public directly: ... versations

...and the greens will cut rail fares by 10% and renationalise the railways: ... s-fare-cut