Posted: Mar 26, 2015 11:27 am
by DaveScriv
chairman bill wrote:Looks as if the LibDems will lose Taunton Deane. I know of some people who say they'll vote Tory instead, FFS. That is how low the trust in the LibDems has fallen; former LibDem voters voting Tory, because the LibDems helped Cameron into Number Ten. You couldn't make it up. Fortunately, not all LibDems are such fuckwits, and a fair few are going to vote Labour instead. It means the seat will go Tory, but potentially, Labour could come second.

You may recall that shortly before the 2010 election, there was the big expenses scandal. Where I am in the Wells constituency quite close to you, this led to some normally Conservative voters switching to either UKIP or the LibDems, because the Tory candidate, Heathcoat-Amory, was the duck island and garden manure guy. Hence the LibDems won Wells, and looks likely to lose to the new Tory candidate this time in this normally safe Conservative seat.
I don't know anything about whoever was the Tory in 2010 in Taunton Deane, so tell me, could a similar switching have occurred there then? If so, those former LibDem voters switching to Conservative this time are not 'fuckwits' (for not understanding LibDem policies), but were never really LibDems in the first place - just Conservatives temporarily voting LibDem because of a Conservative MP's misdeeds.

As all political parties include a range of opinions/wings (at all levels, MPs, councillors & ordinary voters), there are bound to be some former LibDem voters who, if not voting LibDem this time (either because they don't like the LibDems in coalition with the Conservatives, or just tactical voting to keep out whoever they don't like locally) will jump in different directions. I wouldn't call any of them 'fuckwits' (despite thinking some 'misguided', generally the opposite way round to you Bill), but simply accept that people will choose which party to vote for (not necessarily the same one all the time) according to their self interest, 'tribe', etc., as has been said many times before on the forum by mrjonno.