Posted: Mar 26, 2015 5:12 pm
by chairman bill
Strontium Dog wrote:
chairman bill wrote:No, you're just happy to make shit up

I haven't made anything up. Labour really are fourth in Ashcroft's Taunton Deane poll.
Your claim of wishful thinking was made up shit, pure & simple

chairman bill wrote:
You're the one opposed to change ie the conservative one. There's barely been a coalition initiative you haven't taken a stance against.

Non sequitur. Look it up. Being opposed to right-wing policies isn't the same as being conservative.

Man of straw. Nobody said being opposed to right-wing policies was the same as being conservative. Kneejerk opposition to change is what is conservative.
Oh dear. I'll type this bit slowly - do try to keep up. You said I was opposed to change & therefore a conservative, and your evidence for this was my lack of opposition to ToryDem initiatives. I pointed out that opposing right-wing policies (these 'coalition initiatives' you'd referred to) isn't the same as being conservative. Now you've introduced 'knee-jerk opposition to change' as being conservative, but that still doesn't make me a conservative, because I'm a) not opposed to change, and b) don't offer knee-kerk opposition to change.