Posted: Jul 29, 2015 1:20 pm
by purplerat
chango369 wrote:
purplerat wrote:
So if I buy a Raspberry Wheat Ale, brewed with real raspberries, I should expect that beer to have the the nutritional value of raspberries?

To extend that even further, should labels not include any ingredients which when processed do not have the same nutritional value as if they were eaten whole or raw?

C''mon now! The first part of your post is drifting towards absurdity. Is it reasonable to think that any consumer is purchasing their ale based on nutritional needs? :what:

Except it's not absurd from the legal perspective. See the previous comments about those who were upset and complained about pumpkin spice coffee not containing real pumpkin.

If somebody is purchasing something for their nutritional needs I don't think it's unrealistic to expect them to look at the nutritional label. No substitute is going to perfectly align with the nutritional value of what it is substituting. Even 2% milk doesn't come close to whole milk. Since the primary benefit of almond milk is that it's low calorie then somebody buying it for it's nutritional value should have the sense to realize that is going to come at a nutritional cost.

There's only so much hand holding you can do in trying to get people to eat healthy or pay attention to what they are eating.