Posted: Jul 29, 2015 5:29 pm
by purplerat
Sciwoman wrote:
At one time, I did use soy milk, but decided I liked the taste of almond milk better after trying it. Besides, the almond milk had fewer calories. I wasn't all that worried about the nutritional content of this one minor aspect of my diet as long as it was lower in calories and sugar. Nutrition is a balancing act during the day, not a one-shot deal from a single meal or food.

Exactly. You can't expect to substitute one item for another and just assume it will be nutritionally the same. If you switch from one to the other there is usually a reason and you can't expect to resolve one need (i.e. fewer calories/sugar) without incurring other changes in nutrition provided. It's just not realistic.

That's why in my house we have to keep both whole milk and 1%. My wife and I don't need the extra fat and calories in whole milk but the 1% wouldn't provide the necessary nutrients for the kiddos. There's no magic bullet that is going to fill all of our needs. Anybody looking for such a thing is being foolish.