Posted: Jul 16, 2016 11:07 am
Griz_ wrote:Thank you proudfootz for your assistance!

Your advice worked and I was able to repair my link on the previous page. This may invoke nightmares from my attempts to fix programs in COBOL and FORTRAN with those damn punch cards. I thought we had advanced from those days.

Bookmarked for future reference.

:) @ DougC

Youtube gives you links in different formats on different devices but the youtube-id is the important bit. For posting here follow the simple formula:

http (no 's') + :// + www. + youtube. + com/ + watch? + v= + youtube-id

You can remember this with a handy mnemonic.


How Will You Comment With Video? Youtube-ID.

Yeah, I know. Way too much tmi there. :nerd: