Posted: Nov 10, 2016 11:47 pm
by DougC

B.B.C. Article
What does Trump win mean for US science?
President-elect Donald Trump did not express many views about science and innovation on the campaign trail. But there are some clues to his positions on key issues.
Since Tuesday, many scientists have been laying out their concerns about the future of the US research community under a Trump administration.
Before the election, the non-profit organisation Science Debate asked the main candidates to outline their positions on different scientific points.
Mr Trump's vision for innovation in the country that currently spends most in the world on research and development reflects his businessman's perspective.
"Innovation has always been one of the great by-products of free market systems. Entrepreneurs have always found entries into markets by giving consumers more options for the products they desire," he explained.
But some in the scientific community are fearful about funding for basic research - fundamental science aimed at bettering our understanding of the world around us.