Posted: Jun 12, 2017 6:40 pm
by VazScep
Ironclad wrote:People get around the rules.
IIRC I was called something like a closet racist for wondering why this wasn't an option - using EU only for critical staff, nurses etc, rather than sweeping the many nations for visas to hand out (eg) - when UKIPs values became impossible to ignore.
While UKIP had their single goal, they played on the migration fear quite well. However, I feel (perhaps rightly or wrongly) it isn't the Polish or the Spaniard migrant Joe Bloggs wants to see less off. They tend to be white, and Catholic...
And don't throw a turd in my direction, these are ideas not opinions. My wife is neither white, Christian, or European. Thanks
That's not my impression. I thought the Poles got a lot of shit in this country. Our very own KIR expressed some personal discomfort towards them.