Posted: Jun 13, 2017 7:00 pm
by fisherman
chairman bill wrote:The best move the Tories could make now is cancel Article 50 and stop all non-EU immigration. May could announce that she's negotiated such a good deal that we must stay, as the deal cuts immigration by over 50%, whilst giving us continued access to the single market and all other benefits of membership. And we just stay in the EU. Job done. Then gradually review the immigration rules.

It would be political suicide for the Tories back down and become remainers, while Labour officially supports leaving the single market. The UKIP voters which backed both parties in this election would punish which ever was to u turn - they'd be toast.

McDonnell two days ago.

"We will push for a jobs-first Brexit. Labour wants to respect the results of the referendum.

"Staying in the single market would not honour that. We remain absolutely wedding to completing Brexit and getting on with the job."

I just don't see what meaningful form a softening of Brexit can take. :dunno: