Posted: Jun 13, 2017 7:11 pm
by Byron
A cross-party deal to stay in the EEA (the customs union is up in the air, especially with the DUP rejecting any Ireland-only deal).

In stripping the UK of its financial passport and the EEA's harmonized regs, leading to paralyzed supply chains, lines of trucks at the ports, and international companies jumping ship, leaving the single market would be the opposite of a "jobs-first Brexit," it'd be an economic catastrophe. Either McDonnell knows this, and is bullshitting in case another election's called; or he doesn't, in which case, he'll soon learn.

Labour's surge came in Remain areas, and its young members are the opposite of hard Brexiters. The overwhelming majority of its MPs voted to stay in the EU, and will have no appetite for a hard Brexit. Labour's own Brexit spokesman has no appetite for a hard Brexit. If McDonnell tries to push it through -- and he may not -- he won't be getting a free ride.