Posted: Jun 13, 2017 9:14 pm
by Byron
According to the Torygraph (the opposite of Remainer wishful thinking) secret cross-party talks are already occurring. Ruth Davidson's gone on record about a change of Brexit strategy, and thanks to the combined demand of no hard border and no special status, the DUP's Brexit position leans that way.

Corbyn can hold any position he likes: MPs in Remain areas, who won their seats off the back of a Brexit backlash (since they merrily voted Tory through austerity, we can reasonably infer that's not the cause), will be looking nervously to their majorities; and Blairites never supported him to begin with. Right now, McDonnell's the one pushing back hardest, and whatever new affection there is for Corbyn outside his supporters, it sure doesn't extend to him.