Posted: Jun 15, 2017 2:28 pm
by fisherman
ronmcd wrote:
fisherman wrote:
Byron wrote:And as predicted, Brussels (well, Guy Verhofstadt, if there's a difference) says that staying will cost the UK its budget rebate.

The longer the British govt. pushes Fantasy Brexit, the higher the risk that Brexit could collapse completely, and the UK end up even deeper into the EU than it is already. The headbangers, being headbangers, may well end up achieving the precise opposite of their demands.

I read that as a kind and helpful and guiding nudge towards the EEA.

Politicians really need to start rubbishing the idea that EEA is the same as the EU. ... 4921982976
Commentators talk as if Britain can easily have a soft Brexit via the "Norway deal." That's not looking likely


If she is implying by the quote from a Norwegian minister that they are likely to veto UK's application, the Norwegian PM clarified their position.

"It would be wrong to flag a veto or no veto now, and I believe anyway that we will find good solutions to these problems," Solberg said.

She said it was important for all countries to set out their national interests in the debate. "Then all must be prepared for anything, if it turns out that Britain joins EFTA," she said.