Posted: Jun 15, 2017 4:17 pm
by Byron
Yes, the EEA is a compromise that moderates from both sides can live with. The EU's made clear that it's on offer, and expressed frequent regrets that the UK hasn't (so far) gone in that direction.

It needn't be via the EFTA: either a bespoke deal; or a holding pen until bilateral treaties like Switzerland's are drawn up.

The "no such thing as a soft Brexit" line from some in the EU camp may succeed in sinking Brexit, but alternatively, it may lead to the UK crashing out without a deal. If it succeeds in collapsing Brexit, the headbangers' fury will be stoked past boiling, and amusing as it'll be, their determination to get the UK out again will be boosted. A victory accompanied by accusations of treachery can be more dangerous than any defeat.

Remain needs to unite around the EEA, in alliance with those Brexiters who aren't obsessed with cutting immigration, or achieving some mythical absolute sovereignty. Staying in the single market makes it much easier to rejoin the EU, which must be done with genuine popular consent.