Posted: Jun 28, 2017 1:32 pm
by Teague
Joe Manchin...

This particular piece of scum for a human being is a republican. I think he alone has voted for more republican things than any other. He voted in Gorsuch, he was in favour of repealing the ACA...

Manchin: I’m voting to repeal ObamaCare; Update: No, I’m not ... obamacare/

Then at a town hall yelled out to constituents.. "I'm not going anywhere! Vote me out if you want!!

So that's what they're doing. Justice Democrats have a local woman, Paula Jean who also worked on Sanders campaign I think and she's going to primary his ass.

West Virginia’s Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin used a conference call with local activists in February to tell them to stop complaining about his pro-corporate voting record.

What you ought to do is vote me out. Vote me out! I’m not changing. Find somebody else who can beat me and vote me out,” he dared the activists.

Paula Jean Swearengin, an environmental activist descended from generations of coal miners, has accepted that challenge, announcing earlier this month that she will be challenging Manchin for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate. ... n-beat-me/

Go Paula!! :clap: :clap:

In the meantime, Manchin the HUGE pussy goes crying to his mommy :whine: :whine: :whine:

WASHINGTON (WSAZ) -- U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin signed a pledge Monday urging a return to bipartisanship.

Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat, says he is urging his colleagues to join him in signing a pledge to not campaign against a sitting colleague.