Posted: Aug 22, 2017 11:59 am
by Macdoc
That's more a reflection of poor management of resources by the hosting city. Many cities like Barcelona
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Barcelona “totally transformed” by hosting 1992 Olympic Games ... ... olympic-...
Hosting the 1992 Olympic Games “totally transformed” Barcelona, according to ... Trias revealed how the Games created a long-term sporting legacy for the city.

and Calgary to name two benefitted and continue to benefit from hosting the Olympics.

That's said ....I can see an argument for permanent sites as well but the arguments over who gets them would be epic....and how many ?? ... one for each Winter/Summer?
Some, like Calgary have made money on the Olympics, others like Montreal mired in debt for decades but again that is corruption at play in Quebec.

Tech moves forward as well....
Less corruption at the Olympic level and better management guidance for the awarded city is a first step.