Posted: Aug 24, 2017 2:31 pm
by TheMidnightBarber
Macdoc wrote:Barcelona “totally transformed” by hosting 1992 Olympic Games ... ... olympic-...
Hosting the 1992 Olympic Games “totally transformed” Barcelona, according to ... Trias revealed how the Games created a long-term sporting legacy for the city.

Two things:

1. That link doesn't work
2. The link is to the Olympics website. Olympics say Olympics are good shocker!

Scot Dutchy wrote:I came across this series of photos which show what a waste of money there is in building every four years olympic venues.
Would it not be better to have permanent venues run by the Olympic committee? Save all the corruption as well.

It's unbelievable. Every time the potential hosts produce a paper predicting £X billion in additional benefits to tourism, local business etc, but it always fails to get anywhere near these optimistic predictions.

However, I kind of agree with Macdoc in that it's gonna be extremely difficult to agree on a permanent location (how about Qatar?). Perhaps they could pick places that need minimal investment stadia etc.