Posted: Oct 10, 2017 6:11 pm
by ronmcd
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I think it's more likely he was referring to the practical reality of the situation.

Not sure what you mean.

The reality is, a PR Parliament at Holyrood voted to hold a referendum. If the Scottish government intend holding a referendum on independence before the next Holyrood election, after the brexit deal is clear, it beggars belief that Westminster would prevent it. The precedent has been set, and it seems incredibly unlikely it would be opposed.

Christ, we even had Tories earlier this year saying 'we arent saying never, just not now, the people need to know what thee outcome of brexit is'. Well, we will find out. And then we will have a referendum.

I'm not sure it does beggar belief. We've witnessed this year a British government decline the request for a referendum, and kick the issue into the long grass. Britain's departure from the EU being concluded will provide one less reason (or pretext) to deny another one, but it's perfectly plausible other reasons (or pretexts!) will be found next time. Once the step has been taken by one government to refuse permission, it becomes easier for a subsequent government to do the same. But we'll see.

(I fear we've been over this before, but ...)
They didn't really, the Scottish govt said they would hold a referendum due to the Brexit result, as they said they would in their manifesto previously for Holyrood, should we vote to stay in but UK voted out overall. The UK govt huffed, and mumbled, and said This Is Not The Time. Which was nice, we agree. The time is after the brexit deal is clear, and horrifying.

What has changed since then is SNP lost some MP's in a GE that derailed their narrative. Sturgeon clearly accepted it was a disappointing result, if somewhat predictable. The unionist vote rallied around the Vote Ruth For No Surrender! party, and presented by all the unionist parties in Scotland SOLELY as a referendum on having a referendum - lol - we got a number of shit green bench automatons as unionist vote fodder. Brilliant.

But what has changed?