Posted: Jan 19, 2018 9:52 am
by Calilasseia
No surprise there. It's standard right wing practice to hand-wave away embarrassing data. It's a trick that the American ones probably learned from the time they spent schmoozing with creationists. Though our Tory psychopaths don't have that excuse. At the moment, mouthing off about how Jeebus wants to smite TEH GAYZ, and trying to peddle creationist shit about the dung dumpster moola scow and its decrepit captain, leads to you being pointed and laughed at here. But I'm sure the Tories here are working on that one.

Meanwhile, the American manifestation of this practice has become florid, not because of subtlety or ingenuity, but the opposite - it's become florid due to its practitioners being thick-as-shit blatant about their lying. They've adopted the position "we have all the power and the money, we can do what the fuck we like". Nothing that a good pandemic can't sort out. Though it would be nice if any pandemic concentrated its virulence on the fat, pampered rich bastards.