Posted: Mar 08, 2018 10:57 pm
by Cito di Pense
aliihsanasl wrote:Why USA or any single state cant go to referendum on that problem ?

I mean if the people who want gun control are higher in number and still they cant pass the laws they want, how can anyone call that a democracy ?

As already noted in other threads on gun violence and gun control, we can enact laws until the cows come home; we still have to implement all these fine laws.

Direct democracy, referendum, plebiscite are means of channeling public rage.

I'm quite interested in exploring the reliability of public rage as a force for positive social change. On the one hand, it ended the US involvement in Vietnam and ended legalized racial segregation in several societies without requiring a referendum. On the other, it led to the Brexit campaign and the election of Donald Trump. You may have your own examples available to analyze in Turkey, but you can see an erosion of sorts going on with the passage of time.

I guess public rage is smart when it achieves good and stupid when it achieves evil. Rage is just a means of showing how right you think you are, which is about what calling one's society a democracy is good for. What ended Soviet rule in Russia? Did whatever it was end living under authoritarian rule in Russian society at large?