Posted: Mar 22, 2018 11:32 pm
by willhud9
Happy Birthday Jesse!

I am also really annoyed by the right's obnoxious tooting of their ideological horn due to the Maryland shooting that occurred where the resource officer shot at the kid who shot his ex-girlfriend and another male student.

The media is acting like the resource officer stopped a mass shooting, but the reality is the kid was not trying to randomly kill people. He had a specific target in mind: his ex. In the time it took the resource officer to get to the shooter, the shooter did not fire at anyone else or attempt to fire at anyone else from all accounts.

But there does remain the little cared fact that a high school student was able to just get a gun to use for an attempted murder. But nah, focus on how the "good guy with a gun" stopped the "bad guy with a gun" even though by all accounts the "bad guy" was not demonstrating any further malice towards other students. And the "good guy with a gun" still could not prevent the girl from being shot.