Posted: Mar 23, 2018 5:32 pm
by Sendraks
The_Metatron wrote:
No, I’m not going to be that generous. No free pass. No matter the circumstances of a theft, that gun wouldn’t have fucking been there to be stolen if gun owner hasn’t bought it.


If that’s too tall an order, leave the guns alone.

I appreciate that you're not being generous.

My father has firearms. Shotguns specifically. They are kept in a secure safe. Somewhere in my parents house that someone without knowledge of the premises, would need to take a while to locate. Only my father knows where the key to his gun safe is kept.

If someone broke into my parents house and either absconded with the gun safe or broke into somehow (fuck knows how) and then absconded with those firearms, then the matter is simple. My father reports the theft to the police and is able to demonstrate that he took reasonable precaution to secure those firearms against them being used by any person other than himself. Indeed, the police already know this, having done a spot check on the property some years ago.

That's where the matter ends. My father has taken reasonable precautions. His responsibility concludes.

If some jackass leaves their firearm in an unlocked bedside draw, then they should face severe penalties for not taking reasonable precautions to prevent its theft, should they declare the theft. And if they don't declare the theft, then they should be treated as an accessory to crimes committed by the firearm.

And if my father, didn't declare the theft, the same should apply to him.