Posted: Mar 24, 2018 9:53 pm
by aliihsanasl
Warren Dew wrote:
willhud9 wrote:Well of course suicide by gun decreased. The more relevant statistic is did suicide in general decrease or did the means of which attempts of suicide just get shifted around? Obviously guns are more fatal than other attempts, but not by much. Guns just happen to be impersonal. Having contemplated the several ways to quickly and painlessly kill myself a gun would be better off, but the three times I’ve seriously contemplated ending my life I had no access to a gun, but that made my thoughts detour to hanging (no good fixture to connect a rope to), asphyxiation (which I tried via plastic bag), and walking into traffic (which was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done as I put others at jeopardy). Suicide sucks. Battling those thoughts suck. There are days I would love nothing more than to have those feelings just end. Suicidal people will find ways to attempt suicide. I don’t quite get the focus on suicide via gun aside from the finality of it. But it’s a cold statistic which ignores the plight of suicide itself.

I hate when people use it as a device.

In Japan, hanging from trees is a popular method: ... ide-forest

Clearly the solution to suicide in Japan is to cut down every tree there.

Suicide by firearms have an attraction for suicidal people, its easy and more guaranteed way. I cant prove it but I believe having easy access to guns provokes suicidal people.