Posted: Jun 27, 2018 11:30 pm
by chango369
This I think, is likely to be a huge gut shot to the left. Maybe even Roe v. Wade's in play now.

Supreme court justice Anthony Kennedy, who has provided crucial swing votes in cases governing core progressive issues including abortion rights and same-sex marriage, announced his retirement on Wednesday in a decision likely to send shockwaves into every corner of US civic life.

The announcement set up a titanic battle between Republicans allied with Donald Trump, who wish to replace Kennedy with a more reliably conservative justice, and Democrats who fear that a new Trump appointment could give the court a decisive conservative bent for generations.


Anthony Kennedy: US supreme court justice to retire

ETA: There more than a few legal pundits talking about how Roe v. Wade is almost certainly going to be overturned, along with Obergefell. Who knows, maybe Kitzmiller v. and Brown v. are at stake. :(