Posted: Jan 09, 2019 4:26 pm
by Stein
OlivierK wrote:
Animavore wrote:
On Tuesday night, Donald Trump used the first Oval Office address of his presidency to falsely depict undocumented immigrants as savage criminals. Trump is keeping the US government shutdown because Congress, which was controlled by Republicans until last week, has refused to give Trump border wall money for two years.

Trump considered declaring a national emergency on Tuesday night so that he could direct the military to build sections of the wall. At least for now, he has decided not to do so. The absence of an emergency declaration, which would blatantly violate democratic norms and be quickly challenged in court, meant that Trump’s speech contained no new information or policy announcements. Instead, it was a return to the theme that launched his path to the White House: Immigrants are violent and they’re coming for your family.

Trump ticked through a long list of gruesome murders in the speech that he said were committed by undocumented immigrants. But while individual stories might be horrific, there is no evidence of a crime wave perpetrated by undocumented immigrants. Crimes stats don’t suggest that people residing in the country illegally commit crimes at a higher rate than people born in the US. In Texas, according to a 2018 analysis by the libertarian Cato Institute, native-born Americans were convicted of crimes at more than twice the rate for the undocumented population. Another recent study in the journal Criminology found that violent crime appears to fall–not increase–when more undocumented immigrants live in a community. US border communities also have low crime rates. ... gUBc8t_mxg

Yeah, but they're just facts.

I still don't see anything that would prevent a man like Trump from declaring a national emergency at any time. He didn't refrain from doing that last night because he somehow thought better of it. Nothing like that. It's just that he wasn't in the mood. Tomorrow he may be.

This man doesn't give a damn for anything like checks and balances. He doesn't even know them. He's a reflection of the web's entire know-nothing culture that shits on the least hint of specialized knowledge.

"I'm an alpha male. Don't bother me with that."

You really think, in Trump world, when even the mere thought of such a thing as manners is fucking passe, unAmerican and dangerously elitiist, that checks and balances count for two pieces of diarrheic SHIT?!

"Checks and balances are DWEEBY, Mister! So get with the program and give me fifty! Checks and balances are unAmerican.

DARWINism's in charge now, Mister. America is an Empire, and that's that. Don't tell me about old musty rules in old geeky books. Get this through your head and get it good: The only good geek is a dead geek. So smarten up and lick our Dear Leader's muddy shoes. You got that? Checks and balances, my ass!

Having recently seen the new film "The Post", I'm at a loss to understand why the claims in the Pentagon Papers are such a big deal. The descriptions and conclusions in them show the U.S. doing just what every other great power always does. Duh. That's not unusual. That's what makes it a great power, that it can behave with proper impunity in full accord with that power. Nothing wrong with that. That just celebrates the fact that great powers should be above wimpish notions like morality. That redounds to its greatness and is something to be gloried in. Only the small nation will worry over wimpy stuff like a decent respect to the opinions of mankind. That's so pathetically 18th-century. Grow up. Today, we know better. The truly great power will have grown up and outlived such childish notions.

It is also ridiculous to suggest that the press should be free to publish whatever it likes about the government. Instead, it's the government that's made up of the people who have been duly given the power of life and death over everyone else. That's fine. That's how real government with real men works. No one elected the Washington Post or the New York Times to decide what is or isn't top secret. The men of the government are elected to do that. Who is the press to second-guess what the government decides the people shouldn't know? That's for the government to decide. If the press second-guesses the government, lock the press up and throw away the key.

Certain other odd notions come up in this new film that are also completely unclear. Just who is this Jefferson guy that one of the characters mentions as being somehow in favor of the press? I'd like to know is he even still around? I've never heard of him, that's for sure, and I bet no one else has either. No one else who's sensible. If you do know who the hell he is, it's useless information anyway, and you're probably just a no-account member of the lying elite for knowing it, and I bet he is too. So we can ignore both you and him. You're probably both bloggers somewhere in your parents' basements.

Well, O.K., O.K., I admit I got a bit curious just now, even though I know curiosity is un-American, and after writing that Jefferson paragraph, I did waste time Googling him after all. Answer: Jefferson's apparently someone found in old books. Yuk. Now we know how reliable that is -- not! Since he's only in old books by the elite, he was probably completely made up. What a waste of time! And this boring movie wastes our time talking about both him and other elite ideas like freedom of the press <roll eyes>. The whole notion of some sort of law for freedom of the press is probably just as made up as this Jefferson character. Of course there was never any such law. Who the hell do these elite Hollywood types think they're kidding? We're beyond being fooled with this sort of shithole nonsense in 2019. We live in the here and now, thank you. We know what's what, and I'll tell you what else we know. We know that the press should know its place, that the government is in charge, that the Sun rises in the West, that the world is really flat, that climate change is a hoax, that there was no Holocaust, that evolution never happened, that there was never a Jesus of Galilee, never any moon shot, never any Constitution, never any racism, Emma Lazarus was really a dangerous Communist and Nazis are fine people. So cry me a river."

You have a really nice day, y'all.