Posted: Feb 18, 2019 12:46 am
by surreptitious57
Keep It Real wrote:
I like the idea of lending charisma to the identity of Eco Monk living on a means adjusted universal basic income
and engaging in minimal economic activity . Stigmatising and restoring a more sensible taxation ratio for million
/ billionaires would finance and strengthen that . Also promotion of the fact that we in the west are bathed in
luxury for the most part and need not consume Mercedes in order to be happy would help too

Yes to living as stoically as possible but it should be entirely up to the individual and not something imposed by law
No to stigmatising millionaires / billionaires so long as they pay their share of tax that be legally required of them
I am less concerned about luxury than I am about the level of waste we generate in society which is just ridiculous

A simple step would be to only buy what you are actually going to eat and only use electricity when you need to
Everything I buy I eat so nothing ever goes to waste and I never have appliances on less I am actually using them
I rotate my shoes and clothes when I go out so each will get worn out at the same rate

I compact my rubbish as much as possible but dont recycle anything at all
I do however put used tea bags in the garden because tea is a plant so I return it to nature
I leave a minimum of four hours between meals although I can go for much longer than this

I dont drive but I dont actually need a car because I have been walking for thirty five years
I could grow me own fruit and veg but it takes too long and I dont really have the patience
I dont fly and the only long journeys I take are ones of the mind which use no carbon at all
My only luxury is books but they are allowed and you can have as many of them as you like