Posted: Mar 28, 2019 1:31 pm
by proudfootz
Ironclad wrote:
OlivierK wrote:
proudfootz wrote:Sadly, a lot of the 'New Atheism' that was in vogue a few years ago has devolved into Gamergate, anti-feminism, and white supremacism. It turns out there's a lot of money in pandering to the right wing fringe.

Ironclad wrote:What makes you say that?

Yesterday's New Atheists are now today's new racists? That's something. You seeing it too? Where is the most obvious example?

Well, I wouldn't say that they are 'new racists' - just the same old racism.

For example, Sam Harris apparently welcoming The Bell Curve pseudo-science explaining why 'teh blacks' are not smart. ... ree-speech

I guess I was taken in by all the hoopla about how skepticism was going to eradicate irrationalism.

My bad.