Posted: Mar 29, 2019 8:07 am
by quas
Scot Dutchy wrote:You two are only talking about your backward part of the woods.

The basic premise of religion, if accepted, inevitably leads to intolerance and probably violence. This is assuming that the acceptor has the courage and intellectual integrity to follow his logical convictions. You have a belief in a god, and this god has given you a specific set of rules and instructions to live your life and how to worship him. His rules are not compatible with the rules of competing gods from other religions. Failure to comply with these rules, have severe repercussion not just in this life, but, more importantly, in the afterlife.

If, for example, you come to believe that your neighbour is a serial child killer, fearing for the safety of your own children, you'd notify the police to have him arrested. If the local authorities ignored your police reports, then you'd probably need to deal with this threat yourself. But your neighbour is not a serial child killer, he is of a different faith, which means there is a chance of him (or his family/kids) sermonizing to your kids leading them astray to worship his god. Could you allow him to live and thereby risking your kids' fate in the afterlife? That is a fate worse than being murdered. as the suffering of being killed is only temporary, while hellfire is eternal. It's a Sisyphean nightmare. Your kids would be murdered, then live again, only to be murdered again, so that they could continue reliving being tortured ad nauseaum.

There is no dissuading the believer, the existence of his god is not up for debate. We have to respect his right to believe, it's the polite thing to do.