Posted: Jun 13, 2019 10:29 am
by Matt_B
tuco wrote:What I do not understand is why it's being accepted, bluffing with an empty hand? Accepted by whom? Well, .. I mean after the experience with Brexit-bluffing any rational and responsible person should just reject it as unacceptable or? Either you have a plan and you will tell me now, or just fuck off.

It's being accepted because there are large numbers of people out there who genuinely believe that the EU is an oppressive and undemocratic superstate that the UK needs to be freed from at all costs.

Yeah, I know. It's like vaccines causing autism, the Earth being flat, the Moon landings a hoax, etc. but it has been a narrative pushed by much of the media and elements of both the main political parties for a couple of decades, even prior to the referendum, with some serious doubling down in the past few years on top of that. Against that backdrop, the reality of what a train wreck Brexit has been is still struggling to break through.