Posted: Jun 13, 2019 10:59 am
by tuco
That someone wants to leave the EU, for whatever reason, I can respect. It does not explain, at least to me, why bluffing with an empty hand is being accepted. If Mr Johnson says: I will lead the UK out of the EU, but I do not aim for no-deal Brexit (which I believe he says), then he should have a plan and he should make it known. He did not make it known. From what I've read, he is promising unicorns (the EU is consistent that the only deal there is is the one on the table) again, as Scot Dutchy notes in almost every post, promising to get another deal. How come this is being accepted, again? It is really arrogance or just stupidity or naivety or does he know something we do not? I just do not get it.