Posted: Jun 13, 2019 11:07 am
by tuco
But he has to be voted in by Conservative party members, correct me if I am wrong. Why is it being accepted by them, respectively those who intend to vote for him? Because they themselves have vested interests, money? Why he just does not say that he aims for no-deal Brexit?

edit: So far this thesis:

ronmcd wrote:Some journos are of the opinion PM Johnson's no-deal principles (if that's the right word) will last just long enough to become PM. Then who knows what he will do.

I'm leaning towards the idea Johnson will win, then find Parliament do everything to stop no deal, he will be forced into having a general election, and will then win a majority with the support of the Farage Party.

What fun.

is something I can remotely understand. So it's just a political gamble?